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For small business owners interested in a loan or line of credit, but don’t have the collateral that a bank requires for an unsecured loan then Certified Business Loans may be the answer.

Traditional banks underwrite loans based on the value of specific assets of the borrower.

This type of lending offers protection against risks associated with unsecured loans. However, small business owners who don’t have enough collateral that the banks require, such as real estate, are unable to get loans when it’s needed.

Our institution has a proprietary way of determining potential borrowers by focusing on the potential of the business rather than the owner’s bank balance. This means we do not factor in hard assets while selecting a borrower for the loan. The owner’s entitled to funds ranging from $5000 to $250,000 and is delivered in as little as one business day without needing to have the borrower’s personal assets appraised.

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Now that you have the fundamentals, you’re ready to start with the loan application. Please note that an unsecured personal loans can be head-and-shoulders above the rest. The unsecured loan will allow you to invest money that can be used for business expenses.

What’s more important, our loan program offers 24/7 customer support and we answer all your questions about the loan. Respected financial service firms like ours operate loan programs under contract with lenders.

The benefits of this loan program are significant and many.


Features and Benefits of an Unsecured Loan

Borrow up to $20,000 without collateral (with approved credit)

Fixed Interest throughout the life of the loan with no need to worry about the interest rate or payment amount changing.

Quick loan approval and closing so you have the money you need right away.

Flexible – use your loan for whatever you want

Available with or without collateral

Competitive interest rates

Easy, online application and fast approval process

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