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Certified Business Loans are a smartest way to obtain the working capital your small business needs to thrive.

Thousands of small businesses, like yours, have already taken advantage of this solution to get the funding they needed to make the most of opportunities to expand, hire additional staff and more.

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Certified Business Loans

What is a Certified Business Loans?

Certified Business Loans offers multiple types of small business loans including: merchant cash advance (which is similar to a factoring type loan), working capital financing, and equipment financing just to name a few. Our loans are unsecured and backed by a personal guarantee. In some cases a lien may be filed on the assets of the business, but will not use any property to secure the loan.

What are the advantages of a Certified Business Loans?

Unlike typical loans, your business can get the needed funds within several days of submitting your application. A Certified Business Loans gives you some much-needed flexibility in managing your cash flow because the loan is only paid back through fixed, minimal impact payments from your business bank account. This way you don’t have to worry about making payments or missing deadlines.

How much funding can I get?

The amount you get is determined by your business monthly revenue. Each business is different, so there are different terms and conditions for each applicant. To get more information, contact an agent with Certified Business Loans for expert advice.

Who qualifies for Certified Business Loans?

Our financing go to a variety of business in a host of industries. Our customers who choose to lease equipment are small- and medium-sized business owners that have been in business for at least one year. They have not filed for bankruptcy and have no large tax liens, either. The business should also have over $100,000 in annual revenue.

What can my Certified Business Loans used for?

Your small business loan from Certified Business Loans can be used for any business-related purpose. Our business owners have invested their merchant cash advances in:

  • Business expansion
  • Advertising costs
  • Repairing equipment
  • Maintaining inventory
  • Store renovations
  • Reducing debt
  • Buying out a business partner
  • Tax payments
  • Emergencies

General FAQ

How quickly do I get funding?

An application for a merchant cash advance or small business loan from Certified Business Loans can be reviewed in less than 24 hours. Once you are approved, you’ll usually get your funding within seven to 10 days. If you decide to go with a traditional bank loan versus our merchant cash advance, it can take several months to get your money. When you need immediate working capital, Certified Business Loans’ fast and flexible programs have a distinct advantage over a complicated bank loan.

Do I qualify if I have bad credit?

Yes, you’ll still qualify! Our business loans and cash advance programs are based on your business’ sale history instead of your personal credit history. This means a low credit score won’t prevent you from getting the cash needed. However, if you have a minimum credit score of 640, our Platinum Funding programs may be an excellent choice for you.

How often do I make payments?

The payment process is 100 percent automated, meaning you don’t have to worry about making a payment or missing deadlines. We only get paid when you do, and our automated process collects only a specific percentage of your daily debit/credit card sales. If you have a merchant advance loan, a small fixed payment is electronically taken from your business bank account every business day. This will continue until your balance is settled.

How is the loan paid back?

The credit card company will automatically send us the agreed percentage of your credit card sale. This percentage is forwarded with every credit card transaction until the entire amount due is collected. This will save you the hassle of worrying about making payments or missing deadlines so you can focus your attention on running your business.

Can I pay my balance off at any time?

Yes, you may pay off your remaining balance without any penalties or hidden stipulations. In some cases, you may actually be eligible for a discount if you pay your entire balance off in full. Simply contact your account manager to find out if you are eligible for this discount.

Small Business Loans

What kinds of businesses are eligible to apply for small business loans?

Our small business loans are designed for the needs of small businesses and don’t require the business to process credit cards to be eligible. We can work with businesses in most industries as long as you have been in business for a minimum of one year and have a consistent cash flow in your business operating account.

What information do I need to apply?

We don’t require you to jump through any hoops. All we need are:

  • Business tax ID
  • Three months of credit card statements
  • Bank statements for the past one to three months
  • Business owner’s social security number
  • Driver’s license
Is there any obligation to apply?

No, there is zero obligation.

Are Certified Business Loans unsecured loans?

Our Certified Business Loans aren’t secured by property of personal assets. Instead, they’re backed by a personal guarantee and a lien is filed on the assets of the business.

How are Certified Business Loans different than loans from other lenders?

Certified Business Loans are much faster than a bank and better than a merchant cash advance. Banks typically take weeks to make a decision while we give you a yes or no within minutes. We care about your overall business performance and not just your personal credit score. Your business is how you make your income, after all! Unlike merchant cash advances, we help you build your business credit and deduct fixed daily or weekly payments instead of a lump percentage of your sales.

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