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Certified Business Loans is where you can find emergency business loans for your business in a day or two.

This allows you to have enough time to get the needed working capital.

Emergency Business Loans

Our programs are designed in such a way that they are fast, easy, short-term and inexpensive when it comes to loan procurement.

There are many reasons why Certified Business Loans provide the emergency loans that companies need. We offer working capital that other banks and credit unions hesitate to offer. Besides, the working capital have been proven to be profitable for both the institution as well as the business.We are aware of what business owners go through, the ups and downs in a typical venture as well as the needs of a business. 

Unlike traditional banks, this we privately funded and therefore in a better position to loan to good companies whereas other banks and financial factors simply deny due to strict underwriting rules. 

In addition, Certified Business Loans wants a long-term relationship with its customers and therefore is willing to help with long-term and short-term cash needs. Here, you can find just about all your options and get emergency business loans in as quickly as a day or two. If you are looking for an emergency business funding opportunity and banks or other financial factors have denied your application, you need to seek our help as soon as possible.

Cash Flow Loan

For a good profitable business whose needs for an emergency loan is sound, providing the needed loan from this institution is easy. We will put easy payment terms in place to allow the borrower pay it back on time, over time or whenever that large receivable is obtained.

For businesses already using a bank or other financial factor, switching to this institution is easy as well. Individuals and businesses looking to use other types of financing will typically have to wait more than 90 days to fund their receivables and those funding will only cover 80% of the receivables.

In addition, taking 60 to 90 days for an emergency small business loan is absurd. Traditional banks contacting all the clients associated with the borrower to ensure the amount of the receivables will have negative impact on the business.

Traditional factors issuing loans with long-term policies will not be beneficial for short-term cash flow issues. Likewise, emergency funds from banks could take a long time for processing and today’s regulatory obligations will make it even more challenging for the funds to get into the hands of the borrower when it is needed badly in an emergency situation.

Even if it made through the obligations, the amount will be smaller than what is needed. Besides the borrower will be asked to provide proof that the line is worthy of approval. The bank will also ask the borrower to personally sign for the loan putting personal properties and assets at risk.

Certified Business Loans, on the other hand, is fast and reliable. Certified Business Loans is always there to help its clients with a funding solution.


“I want to thank Certified Business Loans for helping me purchase two new wreckers that I needed so badly for my thriving business.”

– High Gear Onsite Repair, Gulfport, MS

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We provide fast loans when you need them!

In a nutshell, we would take 1 to 3 days to get the needed financing whereas banks and other financial factors take up to 120 days.

 The institution provides short-term loans as well, so the commitment with the lender is usually a few months. Besides, cost associated with short-term funding is much less compared to long-term financing. The lender need not contact the borrower’s clients in most cases, hence this is a safe bet for those looking for safe and confidential transactions. Unlike banks, the lender here will not file a lien against business and other assets. This means, borrower’s assets are not at risk of losing. There are no large upfront fees whereas bank charges can be substantial.

 There are no limits on how much loan can be borrowed whereas banks only cover at the most 80% of the receivables. We loan money to all types of industries and funding off early doesn’t carry penalty either. Besides, receivables and payments from customers are under the control of the borrower as well. Lending process doesn’t carry a lot of paperwork, just the mandatory ones only.

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