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When do I consider a consolidation loan?

A business should always take care in assessing whether consolidating loans is the best option. Consolidating your business loans can lower your payments and benefit your business by simplifying your payments to a single payment.

With our debt consolidation loans you can compare the benefits of utilizing a simple fixed payment schedule versus your current rates.

It’s important to consider current budgets and revenues before you take on a debt consolidation loan.

Most often, the best way for a business to utilize a debt consolidation loan is to use it to pay off outstanding credit lines, such as variable interest credit cards. In some cases businesses can get stuck in a bad cycle with their credit cards that leads to revenue being diminished by paying off costly credit card debt. With strategic use of debt consolidation loans a business can avoid bad credit and save on interest.

Certified Business Loans’ debt consolidation loans are an ideal solution since our loans are unsecured, so you don’t need to put up valuable business or personal assets ascollateral to pay off your business’ credit cards.

Certified Business Loans may just be what you need!

Do you have a business and need a loan to take your company to the next level? If that’s the case, then Certified Business Loans is exactly what you need. With a thorough application process, we can provide you with an instant decision on whether you qualify.

At times, it may be wise to consolidate your loans, so you are only making a single payment; this alleviates you from various headaches and allows you to focus one one goal at a time.

Additionally, by taking a debt consolidated loan, you are paying less interest because the loan is unsecured; additionally, you will begin to see improvements on your credit score. Since you are making a single monthly payment, you can even choose the day you want to make this payment.

With such flexible options, you can be in control of your finances and for the long haul, you will end up saving money.

There are several types of loans you can take out. Because the loans involve a personal guarantee, consumers can feel safe that their money is being put in the right place. As a business owner, your loan is dependent on your business’ monthly revenue; the best way to get more fine-tuned numbers is to give Certified Business Loans a call and to talk to one of our representatives.

Additionally, we ensure that you will have maximum flexibility with your loan, which means that you can use these cash advances to pay off emergencies, repair any equipment, stock a larger inventory, reduce your current debt, and even market your business even more.

The best part of the program is that you can even qualify if you have a bad credit score. We work with you to increase your credit score, instead of abandoning you when you need help the most.

Certified Business Loans may just be what your business needs.

Benefits of a Debt Consolidation Loan

Save time by only have one bill to pay each month

Interest rates may be lowered

Debt consolidation can boost your credit score

You pick the date your payment falls on

Competitive interest rates

Easy, online application and fast approval process

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