Financially managing a business can be difficult without the proper knowledge of taxes. When unsure about the information needed to be used in tax preparation, knowing what records to keep in bookkeeping will be a guessing game. Also, when performing actual tax preparation, what are the available tax deductions? Is there missing taxable income? These are good questions to ask. Doing your own taxes will help you get a better grip on your financial situation. If you need a business loan to get you through the next year Certified Business Loans can help companies in every situation. Give us a call today to find out your options.
Help with Tax Bookkeeping
taxOnce decided to take steps toward improving tax filing, a person may not know where to begin the process. Unless there is a friend who is in the tax preparation business, reading books may be the best option. Learn more about staying out of tax trouble while maximizing returns with these 7 best small business owner tax bookkeeping books:

  1. Small Time Operator: How to Start Your Own Business, Keep Your Books, Pay Your Taxes, and Stay Out of Trouble by Bernard B. Kamoroff C.P.A –
    Taking a clear, and comprehendable approach, this book addresses many aspects of legal business management. Not only will readers learn about federal, state, and local taxes, but they can also gain information about licensing, making the decision to incorporate, financing, establishing an entire bookkeeping system, franchising, dealing with the IRS, patents, trademarks, contracts, competitive pricing, insurance, and more. The organization of this book allows it to be used as an “on top of the desk” reference text.
  2. Working for Yourself: Law & Taxes for Independent Contractors, Freelancers & Consultants by Stephen Fishman –
    By taking a super small approach to business, this well-organized, and thorough book will lead individual proprietors through the legal tax issues that come with working under oneself. Covering more than just taxes, this copy includes information about collecting payments, developing contracts, and formatting legal structures.
  3. Deduct It!: Lower Your Small Business Taxes by Stephen Fishman –
    Written by a popular business finance author, this piece puts examples, and basic details, in simple English, so anyone can understand business tax preparation. Procedures behind inventory, and writing off goods, are parts of the many tax deductions the IRS considers legal, so learn about these, and more. Dive deep into knowledge of the power, and types, of business deductions with this book.
  4. The Tax and Legal Playbook: Game-Changing Solutions to Your Small-Business Questions by Mark J. Kohler –
    Save the family business thousands by using expert legal tax advice that integrates tax planning into a family structure. Solution specific answers to complex business problems are provided in simple play-by-plays that are thought provoking, and prevent heartache.
  5. Taxes: For Small Businesses QuickStart Guide – Understanding Taxes For Your Sole Proprietorship, Startup, & LLC by ClydeBank Business –
    Teaching how to incorporate taxes into a business plan from the beginning, this one will take readers on a journey through the finances of a small business. It examines popular statistics about paying taxes to inform you of where you stand among the competition. This was written with new beginners in mind, so readers will not become lost, stuck, and they will maintain hope throughout the entire copy. Read about how to deal with the IRS, keep accurate records, handle payroll taxes, frequently missed deductions, and common tax mistakes.
  6. How to Do Your Taxes: Taxes for Small Business – The Fastest & Easiest Way Possible by John Weiksnar –
    Using an impressive history in owning small businesses, the author discusses his methods of tax filing thay are easy, quick, and profitable. Topics covered include saving money on taxes with optimized deductions, deciding whether to use a tax software, accountant, or personal handling, maximizing profits, and more.
  7. J.K. Lasser’s Small Business Taxes 2016: Your Complete Guide to a Better Bottom Line by Barbara Weltman –
    Learn the facts about tax preparation, and year-round tax planning. Accessibility, and straightforwardness are important within these pages, so the entire overview of tax finances can be understood without a hassle.

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Next time tax season rolls around, do not be intimidated by the unknowns of tax filing. Reading books is only one way to learn about tax bookkeeping. Go forth to learn more by watching videos, asking questions, participating in online discussions, and attending seminars. Anyone can be a tax guru with a little bit of help.